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by Prescient Priscilla
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Leo Personality Traits

Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22

Leo Personality Traits:

Extroverts and with warm hearts those born under the sign of Leo often have, like their namesake the King of the jungle, a royal aura surrounding them. Leo therefore makes for an excellent friend and due to the fact that Leo also displays great generosity Leo makes for a wonderful romantic partner. Pride and confidence then are the hallmarks of Leo.

Leo doesn’t like to be disregarded and so can become downhearted. Leo tends to withdraw if Leo feels that insufficient interest is being shown. Leo believes (and is generally right) that Leo deserves such attention. On the whole those of the sign of Leo looks on the bright side of things and Leo tries try to see the positive in everything whenever this is appropriate. Sometimes Leo is over confident concerning his or her own capabilities and in this way Leo can appear a little too vain and assertive. The negative side of Leo is however easily compensated for by Leo’s general sunny nature and this  goes a long way to make up for Leo’s shortcomings. In this way it’s never a bad idea to have Leo around in whatever situation you may find yourself.

Leo tends to be more willing to take risks than those from the other signs as a result of Leo’s confidence and enthusiasm for things. Unfortunately this can often land Leo in trouble. Another quality Leo has is great charisma, however, this generally saves Leo from too much backlash when things don’t go to plan in quite the way that Leo originally intends.

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